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Go-Bang Espresso

It's all in the name and in the history... back in 2001, Jason and Cate started roasting to supply their first cafe Go-Bang Espresso. Now, they're bringing back Go-Bang Espresso as a strong, smooth & creamy blend, created in the days of nice coffee...nice guys!

Mocha Java

Our take on a colonial classic that originates solely from Indonesia & Myanmar. A coffee that packs a good punch - smooth and full bodied.


Pito - One, the home of Ripe Coffee Roasters. A fruity, clean cup with a light finish of caramel. Perfect for any social gathering, when you're reaching for that second cup.


Our first house blend - a coffee that celebrates the very beginning of our coffee journey. Expect a cup full in flavour, rich with pronounced sweetness and full bodied.


From their Valley to our Valley - a coffee to salute relationships made along the way. A thick, creamy and smooth blend with notes of brownie, dark chocolate and macadamia.