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Barrel Aged Indonesia Java Frinsa Ateng Super

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When you purchase this Indonesian barrel speical you will receive a bag of our Indonesian blend, Mocha Java, for FREE!

The Story:14 months ago, Jason got his hands on an old wine barrel and decided to do things the way they did back in the day when growers would ship coffee overseas in wooden barrels, where it would sit on a ship for months and years and develop a standout unique taste. So, we wanted to bring back this taste to you with one special coffee that has sat in an oaky & boozy wine barrel for 14 months. 

  • GROWER: 
    Wildan Mustofa
  • REGION: 
    Weninggalih, West Bandung
  • Harvest: 
    May - September
  • Altitude: 
    1,400 - 1,600 metres
  • Process: 
    Fully washed - dry hulled
  • Drying: 
    Dried on raised beds
  • Roast Depth: 
  • Notification: 
    Direct trade
    Brandy, caramelized banana, pineapple & chocolate truffle

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