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Ripe now offers a limited range including three single origins, one espresso origin of the month and one microlot of the month. 

Check out the background information on these origins below... 

Brazil Carlos Alberto

Grower: Carlos Alberto Rangel Procena / Santa Maria

Process: Pulped natural

Cup Notes: Chocolate, caramelised sugar, yellow fruits, citrus, almonds and cocoa

Background Information: 

Alberto has a fully open and sunny seedling nursery that guarantees healthy seedlings to plant season to season. Harvesting is performed mechanically on most plots and some parts are picked manually. Producing quality coffees is one of the main objectives of Alberto, and the processing of the fruits is carried out with great care and attention. Pulpled Naturals are initially directed to the concrete patio and then finised in the dryer at 11.5% water content. Additionally on a sustainability note at Fazenda Santa Maria, the native trees are preserved even if they are in the coffee area. Hunting is prohibited;garbage is recycled and all the firewood used to dry the coffee comes from trees specially grown for that purpose or by pruned wood from the coffee plantations.

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Colombia Luis Anibal

Grower: Luis Anibal

Process: Honey

Cup Notes: Honey, caramel, passionfruit

Background Information: 

Luis Anibal has been growing coffee for over 20 years and is now growing up to 26 different varieties where the microlot is 100% caturra. Luis Anibal's cherries are harvested using a strict ripeness criteria. They are further exposed to a dry fermentation of 15 hours before being pulped and dried on raised beds to the ideal moisture content. 

This variety originated in Minas Gerais, Brazil and it is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon.

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Colombia Popayan Decaf

Grower: Selected farms in the Popayan region

Process: Washed - Sugar Cane Decaf

Cup Notes: Honey, vanilla and chocolate milk

Background Information: 

The decaf coffee is decaffeniated by the sugar cane method in the Popayan Region, whereby the green coffee is steamed to allow for caffeine extraction and placed in solution of water and  Ethyl Acetate, which is a by-product gained from the huge surplus of sugar cane grown in Colombia. This is a gental and natural process of decaffenaiton. 

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Barrel Aged Indonesia Java Frinsa Ateng Super

Grower: Wildan Mustofa

Process: Fully washed - dry hulled (& barrel aged for 14 months)

Cup Notes: Brandy, caramelized banana, pineapple and chocolate truffle

Background Information: 

14 months ago, Jason got his hands on an old wine barrel and decided to do things the way they did back in the day when growers would ship coffee overseas in wooden barrels, where it would sit on a ship for months and years and develop a standout unique taste. So, we wanted to bring back this taste to you with one special coffee that has sat in an oaky & boozy wine barrel for 14 months. 

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Indonesia Sumatra Gayo

Grower: Gayo Mandiri Cooperative, Bener Meriah

Process: Wet hulled

Cup Notes: Earthy, stewed fruit mince, dark chocolate

Background Information

Gayo highland is located in Aceh at the top of North Sumatra province. It has been for a long time known as a good quality coffee producing area. With the soil being volancic loam and the coffee being wet hulled Sumatra Gayo coffee is a quality and unique single origin

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