Jug Rinser Large Flat

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Large Flat Jug rinser

This Jug rinser direct from Italy is a high end, space conscious jug rinser, which also has great surface area utilizable to allowing jugs to drain after being rinsed and brought down back into food safety acceptable temperatures. A must for any top end busy barista stations.


As with all Italian products, build quality is top end. We have not seen better.


Size is as follows,


Length: 398mm

Width: 217mm

Depth: 29mm (plus Fittings depth of up to 100mm dependant on fittings used)


All Connections are included, we recommend a registered professional fit this product and it is also advised that you wait until the product is in hand before making any cuts into your bench top, as the upper lip is very small 3-5mm so tolerances are quite low and their maybe some slight differentiations on products